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Plan all your deliveries with perfect schedules, routes optimized for local traffic & weather, and live tracking of delivery movement.


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Increase logistics efficiency by more than 20%

Efficient route planning helps companies optimize their pickups and deliveries while improving resource capacity utilization, bringing down costs, and predicting accurate/dynamic ETAs for increased on-time deliveries.


  • Plan delivery schedules
  • Automate order allocation
  • Optimize resources and routes
  • Enable dynamic ETA prediction
  • Increase on-time deliveries
  • Live tracking of deliveries associates
  • Chat with on-ground resources
  • Track SLAs and ETAs in real-time
  • Receive instant notifications
  • Validate all deliveries
  • View detailed reports
  • Analyze and improve processes
  • Understand delivery associate and vehicle performance
  • Identify bottlenecks and opportunities

Plan Expert Delivery Schedules

Utilize high-end machine learning algorithms to plan delivery schedules which help increase resource utilization, cut down on costs, and help deliver faster.

Map Entire Deliverable Territories

Strategically analyze all territories based on the volume of incoming pickup requests and deliveries and map them virtually through geofences to be associated with resources well-versed with those areas.

Efficiently Utilize all Resource Capacity

All your delivery associates and vehicles have limited capacities. Rise above these constraints to optimally utilize all available capacity and direct maximum pickups and deliveries using them.

Automatically Allocate Orders

Identify the skill sets, carrying capacities, and local knowledge of all resources to find how to get the most out of them. Automatically allocate pickups and deliveries to the best-suited delivery associate.


Create Fast and Effective Routes

Ensure all pickups and deliveries are on-time with clear movement visibility by planning fast routes optimized for local traffic conditions and avoiding bottlenecks.

Know When Each Delivery Arrives

Predict the exact time when a client or customer would receive a shipment or delivery by evaluating live traffic conditions, preferred delivery time-slots, service time required to complete a delivery, etc.

Send and Receive Timely Notifications

Effectively communicate all ETAs, even when they are updated mid-journey, to customers and other stakeholders. Send and receive instant alerts and notifications covering all unforeseen delays or disruptions.

Follow an Interactive Map View

Plan all your routes while simultaneously visualizing their movements on an interactive map showing every minute detail like emergency service points, traffic, terrain, possible route detours, etc.

In-Depth Analysis of Entire Delivery Process

View each detail of every planned, active, and completed trip within an easy to understand dashboard showing the performances of all delivery associates, vehicles, and territories.

Analyze Comprehensive Reports

Follow our comprehensive reports to understand exactly what areas within the delivery process are working well and which areas need to improve. Identify all bottlenecks and opportunities.

Visually Compare all Reports

Easily compare the performance of multiple resources, vehicles, vendors, and logistics partners to identify what created the most value. Identify the top performers and utilize them to increase delivery efficiency.

Get Deep Insights with Historical Analysis

Analyze delivery movement patterns to know exactly how many resources would be required and what strategies should be used. Plan better for future trips and find opportunities to improve distribution processes.


Track Each Delivery from Allocation to Fulfillment

Delivery personnel can systematically follow the optimized delivery schedules and routes to fulfill all their orders on-time along with real-time tracking, dynamic ETAs, and delivery validation.