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logistics and Distribution Optimization

Top consumer packaged goods company with multiple power brands in food, confectioneries, and beverages uses LogiNext’s superior shipment scheduling and delivery route planning to move millions of units across multiple warehouses and hundreds of connected distribution centers.

High capacity utilization and perfect route planning

Streamlining Logistics for Multinational CPG Giant

This top consumer goods company, globally famous for their multiple power brands in food, confectioneries, beverages, etc. required proper tech-backed planning and optimization in their distribution. There were more than 50 distribution centers mapped to each warehouse. Due to manual planning and allocation, loading time was high leading to eventual delays and missed delivery timelines.

To ensure high availability of their flagship brands across a high-density retail network, the client wanted to cut down the total lead time from warehouse to distributor and then onwards to retailer. This required high capacity utilization, robust shipment scheduling, fast loading and dispatch, live tracking, and efficient route planning.

The client partnered with LogiNext and within a month it could attain all that they were looking for. They had faster loading times with fast picking and sorting (scanned directly in a central system), machine-learning backed schedule planning and routing, live GPS tracking of trucks, and much more.

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  • High Capacity Utilization

    Capacity of each truck was optimized not just for weight but also for the volume each pallet or crate occupies. Client could deliver more in each trip.
  • Fast Loading and Dispatch

    In-app continuous scanning of items reduced picking, sorting, and loading time. Carrying load was easily balanced across third-party logistics carriers.
  • Perfect Shipment Route Planning

    Shipment was automatically mapped to the best-suited driver and vehicle. The shipment schedule was planned along the fastest routes avoiding traffic.
  • Real-time Vehicle Tracking

    Live tracking with instant notifications helped the client to ensure end-to-end visibility of all distribution from a single ‘control tower’ dashboard.
  • Preferred Time-Windows

    Client could schedule deliveries in precisely in the preferred time-slot at each distribution center and retailer for fast and smooth unloading.
  • Reduced Delays and Cost

    Client increased on-time deliveries while moving more shipment per trip, using available capacity to the fullest and reducing overall logistics cost.