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Route Optimization for Largest Delivery Service Company

Largest delivery service company in the United States optimized routes and automated pickup requests to streamline their last mile deliveries ensuring on-time and efficient pickups and deliveries.

Improved delivery contractor performance at reduced costs

Optimized Route Planning for On-time Pickups and Deliveries

Largest delivery service company in the United States offered same day, overnight, next day, and standard shipments. They had an asset-light model where they had associated with contractors who execute their last mile deliveries. These contractors utilized their own vehicles, riding under client’s brand name.

They handled all incoming packages through their hubs, distribution centers, and pickup/delivery stations.  Hubs and distribution centers were spread out around the country. Each distribution center was surrounded by pickup and delivery stations. Furthermore, the surrounding territory of each delivery station was divided into work areas handled by contractors, based on zip codes.

LogiNext optimized last mile deliveries for the client, including automated pickup management, to ensure a seamless delivery experience for all their customers.

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  • Dynamic Contracts

    Previous model of static planning involved preset work areas irrespective of incoming load. LogiNext enabled dynamic contracts which balanced loads across work areas.
  • Route Planning

    Routes were now planned right at the moment when the balanced load was assigned to the van of the contractor considering live traffic and weather analytics.
  • Dynamic ETA

    Highly accurate estimated time of arrivals for all pickups and deliveries were calculated at the moment of dispatch factoring in multiple criteria and constraints.
  • Automated Pickups

    Customer pickup coordinators no longer had to call any driver to assign a pickup request, the system automatically assigned it to the most-suited driver.
  • Dynamic Rerouting

    Active routes were easily rerouted with ETA recalibrations in case of any delivery preference updates or incoming pickups with minimal effect on current timelines.
  • Voice interface 

    Drivers could interact with the system using LogiNext’s easy voice-enabled interface by asking the app where and when their next pickup or delivery would be.