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faster and better delivery experience for home goods

Large online home goods company optimized all their carrier movement within a single unique and intuitive map interface to deliver all types of goods on-time across all locations to all customers.

complete end-to-end carrier movement visibility

Top Home Goods Company Optimized Carrier Capacity and Movement

Home goods are being bought in different ways across different sections of society. Online home goods is taking more and more out of stationary retail. To sustain the market and grow within it, the client decided to give the best delivery experience for all customers.

They tied-in with the best delivery service optimization software to streamline their carrier movement and reach all customers much faster and in a better way.

They ended up using their resources much better with higher capacity optimization and complete end-to-end delivery movement visibility. They knew exactly where each truck was and their customers knew exactly when their shipment would reach them.

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  • Route planning

    Complete delivery route planning to avoid traffic across multiple delivery paths using the latest in cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and live planning.
  • capacity optimization

    All the available capacity with all carriers was optimized, not just for weight, but also for volume to help the client deliver much more with much less resources.
  • live tracking

    Complete end-to-end visibility of all carrier movement from the movement of shipment loading and dispatch to the final mile delivery.
  • Auto assignments

    Assignment of the right shipment to the right driver and right truck so that each unit was handled as per specific instructions with proper skill.
  • On-time delivery

    Customers want on-time delivery whether its groceries or home goods and with perfect route planning and delivery scheduling they got it.
  • Control tower 

    Client could track all their moving shipments across territories within a single screen and map interface along with live delay or detention alerts.