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OPTIMIZED Last Mile Management

One of the largest courier company in the world runs its 200 million en-route ground deliveries through its multitude of last mile optimized, owned or rented, delivery vehicles to efficiently sustain customer delight through on-time next-day corporate and consumer deliveries.

Comprehensive Case Study on Expert Package Fulfillment.

Boosting Courier Efficiency and Daily Package Volume

Courier has been one of the most evolving industries in global markets. They have been the torchbearers of efficient corporate and consumer communication since the telegraph. The courier industry has since then embraced e-commerce delivery fulfillment and successfully expanded in the space.

The client, one of the largest courier companies, offers corporate and consumer solutions for package deliveries through interlinking depot management. It partners with many large e-commerce and delivery management companies to leverage its extensive resource fleets for on-time deliveries.

With LogiNext, the client could boost its overall resource fleet utilization by 83% which directly translated to high profits, efficiency, and sustained customer delight through on-time and easy to track package delivery. Seamless invoicing for collect or cash on delivery only adds to the customer delight.

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  • Fleet Management Solution

    The client could manage its extensive fleet while boosting utilization and efficiency by a combined rate of over 60% across service offerings and geographies.
  • Dynamic Addressing System

    LogiNext’s intuitive system directs couriers to the addresses verified through multiple authentication cycles to witness a 43% hike in addressing accuracy.
  • Enhanced Schedule Planning

    Dynamic schedule planning, route optimization, and quickened turnaround times resulted in an increase of over 83% in on-time deliveries.
  • Seamless Real Time Tracking

    The client could easily track courier movement in real-time, engage with live insights, and ground-level information to better direct couriers.
  • Electronic Proof of Delivery

    All package deliveries were validated through multilayered authentication platform within the LogiNext’s app in the courier’s smartphone.
  • Increased Customer Delight

    The client boosted customer delight by helping them track their package on the go and receive on-time deliveries at whichever addresses they chose.