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Cash Management Case Study Book
Cash Management Case Study Text

Secure Cash Management

Large cash management company processes secure movement of more than $15 billion across 170,000 business points including 80,000 ATMs and 60,000 merchants through cloud-enabled schedule planning, route optimization, and real-time resource tracking.

A Case Study on Optimizing Cash Movement

Expert Cash Management with Optimized Scheduling and Routing

The client is one of the largest ATM cash management company in the world with profits after tax of above $650 million. They work through 170,000 business points across Asia including 80,000 ATMs and 60,000 merchants while handling above $15 billion in multiple cash management processes.

They sustain servicing of the multiple business points in a regular and efficient manner, the client required a robust beat planning engine. Mapping each vehicle and custodian to a territory and multiple business points and routing them accordingly. First-level maintenance (FLM) and cash-out fixes had to be factored into the routes manually. This extended the time spent by the custodians on-field, delaying their scheduled visits.

This is how LogiNext FieldTM helped them to optimize their cash movement to reduce overtime and increase efficiency.

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  • Route Planning Software

    Planned and optimized routes to bring down delays by factoring in local traffic and weather patterns to reduce turnaround times for each trip.
  • Optimized Schedule Planning

    Reduced overtime by optimizing ad-hoc first-level maintenance (FLM) requests on top of regular replenishment schedule planning.
  • Automated Task Allocation

    Optimized task allocation to sustain the localized knowledge of ATM custodians and technicians to increase total business points serviced by 18%.
  • Real-time Resource Tracking

    Live tracking of all on-field resources with dynamic re-routing for ad-hoc service requests along with authenticated proof-of-service records.
  • Accurate ETA Prediction

    Predict accurate ETAs factoring in local traffic conditions for each business point visit with real-time updates in case of any delay or detention.
  • End-to-End Movement Visibility

    Real-time tracking and movement analytics enabling end-to-end visibility of all cash and resource movement from within a single dashboard.