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Oil and Gas Logistics Management

Large oil company with a North American production level of over 1.28 million bbl/day plans the schedule and optimizes the routes for its tank trucks carrying 166,000 bbl/day across petroleum product terminals, refineries, and retail service stations.


Optimizing Transport Management for Oil Movement in North America

The client, a $200 million oil and gas company, is one of the largest oil companies in the world. The traditional revenue center for the client has been Europe. However, in recent history, the client has progressively invested heavily in exploration and development of potential oil fields and rigs within North America.

Using road distribution for more than 1500 petroleum product terminals, 897 refineries, and 679 retail service stations across the Rocky Mountain Region and East Coast, the client wanted to increase the efficiency of their deliveries.

One of the core philosophies of their business is ‘Expansion with Efficiency’, which the client wanted to channel through LogiNext’s logistics optimization solutions.

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  • Route Planning Software

    Plan and optimize routes for all upstream, midstream, and downstream movement between wellheads, processing units, and retail (or industrial) points.
  • Vehicle Capacity Utilization

    Optimize the capacity of all vehicles (tank trucks) to reduce hauling costs and increase resource efficiency across the distribution network.
  • Driver Behavior Analysis

    Analyze driver behavior across state lines with real-time vehicle tracking and get instant speeding, harsh braking, route deviation, or detention alerts.
  • Accurate ETA Prediction

    Predict accurate ETAs for each interaction point, whether at the wellhead, processing unit, product terminals, refineries, and service stations.
  • SLA Tracking and Compliance

    Track and comply with state and federal regulatory authorities for transport of sensitive material including the Electronic Logging Devices mandate.
  • End-to-End Movement Visibility

    Analyze the movement of all vehicles from within a single dashboard to reduce bottlenecks, increase resource utilization, and reduce transport costs.